Live Sync 2011: Improved! With Less Storage!

In another variation on the confusing naming theme that has become a trademark of Windows Live, Windows Live Wave 4 (or Windows Live 2011, if you prefer) introduces a newly revamped Live Mesh, which is replacing the current Live Sync (which itself was an updated FolderShare, a ByteTaxi product Microsoft bought in 2005).  Live Sync 2011 is functionally quite similar to Live Mesh, minus the mobile component that never got out of limited beta.  It features much improved peer-to-peer sync of your computers, a remote desktop function, and SkyDrive sync with some built-in sync capabilities for Office and Internet Explorer settings.

For those of us who have been using Live Mesh since it came out in 2008, the 2gb limit imposed on SkyDrive sync for Live Sync 2011 is certainly disappointing.  Here is a chart from windowslivepreview that compares “regular” SkyDrive storage to Live Sync storage:


Live Sync still provides seamless sync between computers, and some limited storage for your most important or most-used documents (remembering that Office Web Apps provides versioning to keep you working with the latest version of your Office documents anyway).  We’ll have more on Live Sync hopefully very soon.