Explore Windows Live – and try out the new Web Messenger and Wave 4 themes!

Windows Live Contacts logoMicrosoft has put up a new Windows Live overview website at http://explore.live.com that has just gone live today. On the website you’ll find some information about the new Windows Live Wave 4, categorised into Hotmail, Messenger, Essentials, SkyDrive, Mobile, and Help Center (which even shows a new icon for Windows Live Contacts as shown on the right), although the download link for Essentials still directs you to the Wave 3 installer. Here’s a screenshot of it:


But what’s special about the site is the ability for you to try out the new Web Messenger (without the “Messenger” menu which shows the contact list), as well as choose your new Wave 4 themes for the header, as shown in the above screenshot. However, if you’re signed in to the Messenger service somewhere else, and initiate a conversation, the same conversation will appear on this Web Messenger too. What’s more, once you’ve done that, you can “pop-out” the Web Messenger window to show this:

Web Messenger

We’ve shown you the Web Messenger before, but we’ve never shown you this new full-featured “pop-out” Web Messenger window. In this window, you can see your contact list on the left as well as tabbed conversations on the right, and you’re able to search through your contacts via Search contacts scroll-wheel box on the top, just like in the Messenger client! What’s more, you can also update your status as well as share photos and documents using the Share something new box on the top (although not yet enabled yet)!

You can try it out now at http://explore.live.com!

Thanks to Avi for the tip!