Help us choose a new LiveSide logo: part deux

Dana and Tony over at have a good little thing going: they’re designing a logo a day for a year, with each day costing $2 more than the day before.  We thought it sounded like fun, and signed up.  When our day came (May 31, for $182), the guys wanted to switch things up a bit and gave us not one logo, but 7 to choose from.  Thanks to all of you and your comments and votes, we’ve narrowed it down and made some refinements, and Tony sent over a second set of choices:


So why change our logo?  Well, we’re not selling soft drinks (or software), so we have some leeway to play a bit, and it sounded like fun.  Dana and Tony seem like good guys, and we’re happy to support their efforts, and we’re having a lot of fun with this, generating lots of comments and votes and giving us something to do while we wait for Windows Live Wave 4.

So cast your votes in our poll in the sidebar and help us choose a new logo, and give us your feedback in the comments.  And as a bit of an added incentive, if you want a logo of your own (for your own blog, or your band, or your Mom, or whatever), wants to give you a bit of added incentive:

Tony and I decided on a cool promotion for your readers. We don’t have a
way to do promo codes, so instead, we’ve chosen to randomly select
someone to receive a free day.
So basically, any of your readers that purchase a day between Friday (June 4) and
Sunday (June 6) will be eligible. All they need to do is, after they make their
purchase, just send us an email or include a note in their creative brief
We’ll pick a winner at random on Monday morning and make the announcement.