Windows Live Mobile website updated to Wave 4

Windows Live Mobile logoSeems like the first Windows Live Online Service to be updated to Wave 4 is Windows Live Mobile. If you visit using your PC’s web browser today, you would’ve noticed that the header had been upgraded to the new Wave 4 style (with Web Messenger integration and ability to change to new themes). In fact, it seems like Windows Live Mobile is now a part of Windows Live Devices (although it’s not yet available). Here’s a screenshot of the new Windows Live Devices service, allowing you to add your phone as a “device”:

Windows Live Devices
(Thanks to Paul Thurrott for this screenshot)

Clicking on the added phone will bring you to Windows Live Mobile, which allow you to manage your SMS services or edit your phone’s info, as shown below:

Windows Live Mobile homepage

Clicking on “Manage SMS services” allow you to customise the SMS services for your phone. We’re not sure if the list of services will increase when Wave 4 actually launches or not:

Windows Live Mobile - Manage SMS services

You can check out the new Windows Live Mobile now at, although really there’s nothing much you can do at the moment on there. Stay tuned as we bring you more about Wave 4!