News from all over: Bing on iPhone, Pivot, more

Lots of conferences underway at the moment, with tidbits of news coming from all over the map.  Here’s a quick round-up:

The Steve Jobs Show opened things up this morning in San Francisco, complete with cool news about the iPhone that everyone already knew, and the obligatory Keynote Demo Wifi Fail.  One good piece of news for Microsoft Bing lovers is that the iPhone will now offer Bing as a search engine choice:

 apple-wwdc10_647 (image credit: GDGT)

GDGT quoted Steve Jobs on the inclusion of Bing:

“We’re adding a third option, which is Bing! Google will stay the default, but now you have another choice, if you like. Each one takes a unique approach to how they search and format results. You decide.”

Tech Ed
Microsoft has a tech conference of its own going on this week, Tech-Ed in New Orleans.  Along with news about a Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 beta happening this summer, and the Bing Maps SDK news we already told you about, Live Labs also had some news with the upcoming release of the Pivot Silverlight Control, to be named the Pivot Viewer:


(looks like we need to get back to work on our MSOrgPivot project!)

Internet Week New York
And just a final note that at Internet Week in New York, Microsoft announced the release of Expression Studio 4.  You can download the 60 day trial (or it’s on MSDN), and if you have a purchased copy of Expression 3, the upgrade is free.