Bing Earth Day Student Contest Theme Pack

Remember the Bing Earth Day Homepage student Contest? The contest was a great success, contest participants (all you voters) made donations totaling more than $110K towards classroom projects on

People requested and redeemed the $5 donation codes that Bing provided during the final round of voting, impacting nearly 12,000 classroom projects across the country and more than 311,000 students. Better yet, many of them gave further still, lifting the total donation amount to nearly $140,000.

In late May, the four contest division winners flew in from across the country to take part in an editorial team meeting, picking photos for the Bing July and August homepages. You can read more about their visit here.

From the photos of all the 12 finalists, the homepage team created a Windows 7 Theme Pack, so you can enjoy those on your desktop every day!
Download Bing Earth Day Student Contest Theme Pack