Bing: on iPhone, on Safari, … and at SMX Advanced

We mentioned earlier today that Bing is now a search option on iPhone, but the early news didn’t include mention that Bing is now also an option on Safari, the default browser on the Mac (you can get the latest version of Safari (5) for Mac or Windows from Apple).  Yusuf Mehdi has a short blog post on the Bing blog:

Needless to say, we are excited that Bing will be included as an option in Safari because it will make it easier for you to search and get the benefits of Bing. We’ve been working with Apple over the last couple of months to deliver a fantastic Bing offering for Safari, including some awesome HTML5 work for Safari on iPhone, and we hope you will be pleased with the results.  Today we are already incorporating HTML 5 into our mobile browse product at

In addition, we are continuing to improve our existing Bing mobile application for iPhone which makes it easy to search, map, and find commerce and movie times. We will have a new release with even more great features very soon. For those of you that have not already tried it, you can find it in the App Store today.


And speaking of Yusuf Mehdi, he’ll be at SMX Advanced here in Seattle on Wednesday morning, keynoting a discussion with Danny Sullivan.  You might remember that a year ago Dr. Qi Lu announced the official release of Bing in the US.  We were there, and we’ll be there on Wednesday to hear Yusuf reflect on a year of Bing (and hopefully a peek at what’s to come!)