Bing and the FIFA World Cup South Africa – Part 1

With the FIFA World Cup South Africa right around the corner, Bing can not escape on doing something for all the Soccer fans.

They are kicking off by integrating World Cup information, live scores of matches, group standings etc. into Bing Instant Answers.
   Fixtures standings
These Instant Answers can be found, not only in the US, but in 30 countries. No list given on which countries so I guess it’s just a matter of trying…

They’ve also created a visual search gallery for individual teams, which is available in (if you set your browser to) the US, UK or Canada.
In the team’s gallery, you will be able to quickly sort by groups, regions and goals scored. Hovering over a team flag will give you a summary and clicking on your favorite team’s flag will provide even more details about the team stats, images, and news.
hover click
[click image to enlarge]

Their blog post also mentions a visual search gallery to research players, but either that one is not online yet or I just can’t find it.

What is available, is new imagery for South Africa with all the World Cup Stadia. Check it out with the Bing Maps World Tour!
There is more Bing World Cup stuff coming up this week, including a Bing Map App and a Facebook Application.  Stay tuned!

Edit: Found the Visual search World Cup Players too now: check it out!