The New Windows Live Sync Beta

Windows Live Sync Logo Over on Inside Windows Live, David Treadwell just posted about the new Live Sync beta. He wrote about how Windows Live Sync beta blends the best of Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh Beta. Yuhuh, the two are being merged into one offering: Windows Live Sync Beta.

He highlights the following:
– Access to your PC from anywhere (remote desktop access)
– All your stuff on all the PCs you use regularly (sync Windows folders)
– Your most important desktop stuff synced to the cloud (only 2GB of cloud storage)
– Simple document collaboration over the web (Office Web Apps in SkyDrive)

Sync is an application for people that use multiple PCs – SkyDrive is a service for sharing documents and photos on the web.

You can find out more about the new Windows Live Sync beta on the Windows Live Sync preview page. If you’ve been following LiveSide you will know most of this already. We’ve already shown you the FAQ page linked to in the article and showed you the differences between Sync and SkyDrive. We even had a first look when went up briefly before its time.

David also tells us to remember that, like other products in the new Windows Live Essentials beta, the new Sync beta requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 for PCs running Windows, and requires Snow Leopard or higher for Mac.

If you’re using Live Mesh or Windows Live Sync already, you’ll have to uninstall the previous version before you start using the new beta version. And no, the beta is not available yet!