Tagline to be removed from Hotmail Messages

image You know those lines of text that gets added when you send messages from Hotmail? They are called taglines.

Brian Hall writes:

When Hotmail first started in the mid-90s, taglines helped people to discover our then revolutionary new type of personal email service … free web-based email. At the time, most people had an address tied to an ISP like an AOL, CompuServe, or Prodigy email, and taglines were an efficient way to let people know about Hotmail. As Hotmail evolved over the years, so did taglines, taking on the additional role of educating people about new features & services in Hotmail and other related products. They proved to be effective, with nearly 2 million taglines clicked per month. 

But now people just don’t like taglines in their email, and whilst they did drive awareness and clicks, they are going to be taken out in the upcoming Hotmail release.

He also says that they are implementing two changes in their email communications in the US:

  • Don’t open our email? We’ll stop sending it. If you aren’t engaging with our email, our goal is to stop sending it to you, except in the cases of critical account updates or service notifications where we don’t want you to be surprised. We’re also making our opt-out options more prominent.
  • More relevant email. Targeted email improves your experience by keeping you up-to- date on the upgrades, changes, products, and services you use. So we’re improving the relevancy of the email we send by taking into account which services you’re using and what you have or haven’t clicked in the past.

Hotmail just gets better and better. Can’t wait for it to roll-out!

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