How to Install Bing Maps App SDK with Visual Studio 2010

For those who tried installing the Bing Maps App SDK ( you will likely come upon the following error when running the .msi.

Even though I had Visual Studio 2010 (Premium) installed and the latest Silverlight 4.0 runtime installed, I still received the error.  Unfortunately I tried every combination of installing/un-installing all variations of the Silverlight Tools 4 for VS 2010 to no avail.  The solution is strangely tied to a specific version of the SL 4 tools and specific SL runtime with that build, and must be followed as below:

1) Un-install all instances of the SL runtime, SL SDK, and SL Tools for VS 2010

2) Download and install the SL Tools (beta) for VS 2010 build here:

3) Run BingMapAppSDK.msi

If the steps above were followed correctly, you should move onto the next screen.