A bit more on Exchange ActiveSync

Wow, looks like everyone’s having fun trying to get Exchange ActiveSync to work, even though it’s not working for all of you.  Reading through the comments it looks like there are issues with Android, for one, and others are able to get parts, but not all of the sync to work.

Just wanted to remind everyone that as far as we know, it isn’t officially available yet, and we really have no idea how fully implemented the new feature is, or even whether it will continue to be available in the short term.  So have fun, play around, but we wouldn’t suggest counting on Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail for anything mission critical, certainly at least not yet.

However just for fun we sent a tweet to Ryan Burk cajoling him to stop on by:

@ryanburk Quite a discussion going on about Exchange ActiveSync, care to chime in? We’d love to hear from you! http://livesi.de/a1N0uK

Who knows, worth a shot, anyway Winking smile