More on Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail: looks like it’s working now! (?)

There’s quite a lively discussion going on in our post on Hotmail and Exchange ActiveSync – we posted a tweet from Ryan Burk, a Microsoft employee, who said that syncing Hotmail with your smartphone wouldn’t be available til later.  However a number of commenters (Stefano, Jeroen, and others) seem to have it working already, after having guessed at the address ( – not too hard to figure out 😉 ).  Check out the comment thread for some more information, but one commenter posted his settings and they were confirmed by others:

email: [email protected]
server address:
SSL enabled
username: [email protected]
password: password
Domain: <blank>

According to the commenters it’s working whether or not you’ve been moved to Hotmail Wave 4 (and don’t forget to send a tweet our way: #NewHotmailHere if you have it, #NoHotmailYet if you don’t to @liveside!).

Is this working for you (I’m currently “between smartphones” so unable to check for myself atm)?  What’s your experience with ActiveSync for Hotmail?  Let us know what phone you’re using and how it’s working for you in the comments, thanks!

Oh and one note on the comments themselves, we’re loving all the comments!  Since switching to Disqus, both the numbers of comments and the quality of the conversation has gone up, and we really appreciate it!  BTW Disqus just in the past few days has improved the comment box UI, so now you don’t have to log in until you are ready to post your comment, a much easier experience.  We seem to be noticing a bit of a performance issue since the change, and if it continues we’ll contact Disqus – our experience is that they’ve been great to work with.