Windows Live Calendar Wave 4 upgrade causing calendars and events to disappear?

Earlier this month, one of my Windows Live accounts started to encounter some problems, as none of my calendars and events would like to load in Windows Live Calendar. Not only this, but each time I start up my Windows Live Mail, an error message would appear saying that the Calendar web service is unavailable. Thinking this might be related to the Wave 4 upgrade, I gave Microsoft some time to fix this issue, despite I rely on my Calendar for quite a lot of my day-to-day activities. As I was about to do a post on the “new” Calendar, here’s a screenshot of my new Windows Live Calendar – actually, the lack-of-calendar view:

Calendar problem
(Mind you, my account is part of several Windows Live Groups, and if you’ve used Group before, you would’ve noticed that all the Groups calendar should automatically appear in your calendar list too.)

At first, I thought I was just one unlucky individual with a messed up account. As the Windows Live Solution Center is now the only official channel for any Windows Live-related support, I thought I’d give it a try. Upon visiting the Calendar Forum, it seems like I’m not alone. There are at least a dozen or more unanswered threads on there talking about the same problem – and it seems to have happened within the past few weeks too. The problem is, Microsoft has not provided any official response to any of these threads as to why this has occurred, or any timeline as to when this will get fixed (great support channel there!) So here I am, left hanging for almost three weeks without access to my Calendar events, and have not heard any response from a Windows Live Support representative.

As most of the threads reported this problem around the period when the new Windows Live Wave 4 web services went live, we’re suspecting this has to do some problems with the Windows Live Calendar Wave 4 upgrade, affecting certain Windows Live IDs only.

Are you experiencing problems with your Windows Live Calendar too? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below! Microsoft, if you are reading this, I hope you’re busy fixing the issue!