Are you The King Of Bing Maps?

imageWe already mentioned it briefly here, The King Of Bing Maps Contest. This week Chris Pendleton wrote a bit more about it and said that, on top of the prizes, he’ll promote the winner and his/her app:

– the next time I present at some conference, I’ll demo your map app on stage for the world to see AND drop your name for being the one who built it. I’ll just further promote you and your app.

Now how’s that for an incentive? Interested yet? Ohh, you want to know the prizes too:

– Grand Prize: A $1,000 Bing Travel gift card and be celebrated as King of Bing Maps on the Bing Maps website and blog.
– 2nd Prize: A $500 Bing Travel gift card
– 3rd Place Prize: A $250 Bing Travel gift card

You are eligible to enter this Contest if you are at least 14 years of age and are not a resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria (U.S. export regulations). See the Official Rules.

Ok, so you wanna get crackin’, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read about the King of Bing Maps contest at
  2. Download the Bing Map App SDK (Live ID required). If you don’t know anything about it, Chris suggests reading his post about the launch of the Bing Map App SDK – “Announcing the Bing Map App SDK…and 3 New Bing Map Apps”.
  3. Start with the template provided in the SDK. The template is the Hello World for Bing Map Apps. Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 SDK required.
  4. Build a kick ass application.
  5. Submit your application to the Bing Maps Portal.
  6. Wait for the judges to determine your fate.

Your application MUST be submitted by July 25, 2010.  The winners will be announced on August 20, 2010.