Windows Live Calendar is now mobile!

David Dennis over on Windows Live Inside just announced that you can now access and manage your Windows Live Calendar from any web-enabled mobile phone.

You can browse upcoming events and see when you’re free so you can quickly add new events. You can also check your schedule by day, week, or month, get previews of event details, set reminders and add charms.

The calendars you already use will be there too. He even provides some handy calendars for you to subscribe to:

Try out this cool calendar subscription from our friends at, for instance. It lets you access your Facebook events right from within Windows Live Calendar by simply clicking on this link. (Note: The events may take a few hours to show in your calendar). And, if you’ve been bit by the soccer (football) bug, try subscribing to this World Cup calendar. You can keep track of the entire World Cup schedule, and it looks great on your phone, too!

Upcoming events
[image by Microsoft]

Go on, give it a go, we know many of you have been longing for this! Just browse to from your phone’s internet browser.*

* Supported phones and browsers include: iPhone/iPod Touch with Safari 3.0+, Opera on Windows Mobile 6.1.4+, S 60/5th Gen+, Blackberry 5+, Opera, Palm, Android. Windows Live Calendar for mobile is slated to be released in Hebrew and Arabic in the next few months.