Windows Live Calendar Wave 4 issue fixed

Windows Live CalendarLast week we posted about Windows Live Calendar Wave 4 experiencing calendar display issues soon after the upgrade. David Dennis, Principal Lead Program Manager of Windows Live Hotmail/Calendar, has kindly commented on our blog post, as well as following up personally with myself regarding the issue.

It turns out there they did have a bug on the server side during the upgrade which prevented certain users from seeing their calendars, however, for a majority of users, this problem was fixed last Thursday when they’ve deployed a hotfix to all users. Unfortunately, it seems like my account was “lucky” enough to be one of the 25 accounts in the world where this hotfix did not solve this problem. However, as of last Friday, this issue should have been resolved for all users.

I’d like to take this chance to thank David and his team for following up this issue with me, as well as the other users out there who also experienced the same problem on the Windows Live Solution Center forum. If you’re still having troubles with your Windows Live Calendar, do let them know over at the Windows Live Solution Center by going to