Windows Live Wave 4: Direct Download Links

Wave 4 is here (!!) and we’re all about saving time here at Liveside, so we’ve compiled a list of all the available languages for the the Wave 4 beta and their associated downloads, both web and full.

English: AutoManual 

French: AutoManual

Spanish: AutoManual 

Dutch: AutoManual 

Portuguese: AutoManual

Japanese: AutoManual

Chinese (Simplified): AutoManual

It’s worth pointing out to any lawyer types out there (yeah, we know you read us), the installers aren’t being hosted by us, we’re just giving quick access to the official Microsoft download links.

If you download the file and it asks you which program to open it with, just stick “.exe” at the end. Then you can run the installer. Not sure why it’s doing that, possibly some weird IE thing (it’s not doing that in Chrome).

Edit: warmth just pointed out to us that they are not web and full installers. Instead they are Auto and Manual installers, so we edited accordingly. If you choose the Auto installer then all programs will be installed for you (no choice given). So for those who wish to choose what to install: get the Manual download! Thanks warmth Smile