Essentials Wave 4: First Impressions?

(UPDATE: just added a poll in the right sidebar: “How was your Essentials install?”, vote please!)

(apologies to those of you who not only saw, but responded to an earlier version of this post that I somehow published by mistake – even in Wave 4, you still have to actually write the post before you can publish it, go figure)

Well that was a fun day – after a morning of cajoling our twitter followers to hit Ctrl F5, we got some action about 11am when @fsolisa tweeted us a download link.  Since it wasn’t a build, he figured it wasn’t the “real” beta link, and pulled the tweet, but you know how those things go: we retweeted it, and others retweeted THAT, and it was off and running.

But just a few minutes after that (Sunshine published her post at 11:36am pdt), the windows live essentials beta site went live, and the word was out.

So now that you’ve had a chance to download and install, what do you think?  We know there’s a few problems out there: a “wait for catalog” error message is preventing some of you from installing – we’re trying to gather some info as it hasn’t happened here.  Others reported Messenger crashes, high memory usage, and more.  So if you’re having problems, let us know, but if you have everything installed, we’d love to know what you think!

(here’s the first 8 comments on the phantom post, oops)