Office Live Workspace to Windows Live SkyDrive upgrade process has begun

With the release of Windows Live Office on SkyDrive earlier this month, users have been able to create, edit and view Office documents using the new Office Web Apps, and share them with other users online. We told you that soon after the release of Windows Live Office, Office Live Workspace would be discontinued, and all your existing documents on there will be migrated to SkyDrive.

Today we received an email from the Office Live Workspace team notifying us that we’ll be able to start migrating our Office Live Workspace to SkyDrive within the next seven days*. Indeed, when we logged in to our Office Live Workspace, we were presented with the following screen (notice the bar on the top):

Office Live Workspace Upgrade

After clicking “Upgrade now”, you will not be able to edit your documents during the upgrade process, and the entire process is said to take up to 30 minutes (depending on how much you have to migrate over, and how many other users are upgrading at the same time) – ours took less than 5 minutes. Once complete, you’ll receive an email from the Office Live Workspace team notifying you that the upgrade is complete.

If you do not choose to upgrade now, the Office Live Workspace team will schedule your account to be upgraded automatically sometime in the future, and will send you an email message telling you when your documents will be moved. If you really do not want to be upgraded, you can remove your documents and cancel your Office Live Workspace service before this happens.

After the upgrade, there’re a few things to note. For one, workspaces will become folders in Windows Live SkyDrive, Lists are converted to Excel 2010 .xlsx documents, and Notes are converted to Word 2010 .docx documents. If you’ve shared your workspaces, the sharing permissions will be retained in SkyDrive. However, messages in the Activity pane, the “Deleted Items” workspace, and automatically generated versioned documents will not be migrated to Windows Live SkyDrive. Also, the Office Live Add-in will no longer work after you’ve been migrated – but you’ll still be able to access your SkyDrive documents using the built-in feature in Office 2010. Here’s the screen you’ll see after you’ve completed your upgrade:


For more information about the upgrade, please refer to the following pages:

*Note: Because Windows Live SkyDrive is not available in some languages, or countries and regions, there are some accounts that cannot be upgraded.