Bing’s first year: good for advertisers?

In a newsletter sent out to Bing advertisers, Microsoft Advertising shared some good news about the first year of Bing:

  • Bing advertisers are reaching a motivated audience; Bing searchers spend 42 percent more than the average search user in the U.S.—21 percent more than Google users and 25 percent more than Yahoo! users.¹
  • Plus, people who land on sites from organic search results via Bing are 78 percent more likely to click an ad, compared with arriving on the site from Google.²
  • Bing advertisers had a lower average cost-per-click than those on Google, and they had more impressions than both Google and Yahoo! advertisers.3

1comScore Media Metrix, March 2010.
2Chitika, December 2009.
3The Web Visible Report: State of Small Business Online Advertising, Q4 2009.

Happy Birthday indeed!


The newsletter goes on to tout some more good numbers for Bing:

  • Since May 2009, our Bing search user base has grown 11.8 percent, and the number of unique users has grown 32 percent to 93.8 million.4
  • Best of all, the growth of Bing is really just beginning to accelerate. When the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is implemented in late 2010, you will connect with even more users: over 156 million searchers in the U.S. and nearly 565 million worldwide.5

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