PivotViewer available for download!

We first saw Pivot, the Live Labs project that presents visual information in fun new ways, last November at PDC, and then this year at Tech-Ed, Live Labs announced that a new “PivotViewer” Silverlight control would be introduced, allowing you to embed Pivots.

msorgpivotWe even tried out a Pivot project of our own, using Microsoft executive info to create MSOrgPivot.net.  (Yes, it’s the info is a little outdated now, hopefully with the new controls we’ll get back to working on it soon!)

Today that control has been released and is available for download, with information up on Silverlight.net:

PivotViewer Control

Being able to embed Pivots and view them without having to download the Pivot app is a great step forward, we’re excited to check it out!