The LiveSide Wave 4 Wiki

We hope you had the patience to wade through the hundreds of comments on our Wave 4 posts, but if you had a little trouble keeping up, well so did we.  You’ve contributed quite a bit to the discussion, though, and we hated to see all your valuable contributions get lost in the shuffle, so we’ve tried to do something about it.

Today we are turning on a bit of an experiment, the Wave 4 Wiki.  We’ve set up a number of categories, or “wiki pages”, (and added a link in the navigation bar in the header), and we (well mostly damaster) have gone back through our posts and your comments and pulled out some gems of information we think you might find interesting and useful.

We’ve also set up a special Disqus comment section, so that each of our wiki pages can accept comments.  What we would like to see happen is for you to add to the body of knowledge by commenting (and hopefully with factual information about each Windows Live Wave 4 product or service, please), and then we’ll be able to add those into the wiki pages themselves.

We’ll be working on adding more information, too, of course, but hey we could use all the help we can get!

We want to see how this works, and just like the rollout of Hotmail, we’ll take feedback and make changes, but hopefully it will be easier for you to get to the information you need about Wave 4 in one central place without wading through a bunch of blog posts and a bunch of comments (don’t get us wrong, we love comments, and we plan on posting lots more on Wave 4!)