Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta

The Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta has gone beta. This Beta release represents the near final version of the tools for building applications and games for Windows Phone 7. 

The Windows Phone engineering team has been keeping a tight schedule:

  • Feb 2010 – Windows Phone 7 was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
  • Mar 2010 – The application platform was unveiled at MIX 10 in Las Vegas.  First CTP of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.
  • Apr 2010 – The tools received an updated, and the CTP Refresh shipped.
  • Jun 2010 – Windows Phone Marketplace details unveiled at TechEd 2010.  Get the Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements.
  • July 2010 – Beta release of Windows Phone Developer Tools, and the preview developer phones start shipping to ISVs

Well done! The promised devices for developers are on their way too! They will be shipped out starting next Monday (July 19th).

Download the beta
Release notes for the beta

Windows Phone Developer Blog: Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta Released