Outlook Social Connector adds Facebook, Windows Live Messenger providers

Mashable is reporting that the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector is making some big announcements tonight, including the addition of two promised and now (apparently almost) delivered social network providers, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger (I just checked on my little used copy of Outlook 2010 and I’m not showing the Microsoft Update to the Social Connector just yet, nor has the OSC Partner listing been updated as of this writing).

In addition, according to the Mashable post, the Outlook Social Connector will be available not only for users of Outlook 2010, but for 2003 and 2007 as well:

Today, Outlook completes the cycle with not only Facebook integration, but support for Windows Live Messenger as well. Not only that, but the company is releasing the plugin for Outlook 2003 and 2007 users as well, bringing Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Windows Live Messenger to millions of business and personal inboxes worldwide.

In the meantime while we wait for Facebook to show up, here’s a quick preview from Channel 9, via Mashable:

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