Windows Phone Developer Training Kit – Beta Refresh

The Windows Phone Developer Tools went beta, and that could only mean that there would also be a Beta Refresh of the Training Kit. You can download a local copy of the training kit, or you can go to the online version on Channel 9.

The training kit includes 7 labs, of which 2 new:

Launchers and Choosers – A new functionality in this Beta release tool is the exposure of APIs for using Windows Choosers and Launchers. The launchers and choosers framework enables Windows Phone applications to provide a set of common tasks for users, such as placing phone calls, sending email, and taking pictures. This lab covers some of these new launchers and choosers.

Application Lifecycle (handling Tombstone) – As you probably already know, Windows Phone allows only one application to run at any given time in the foreground, and no 3rd party applications are allowed to run in the background. Therefore when a user navigates away from your application, either to a chooser like picture chooser, or to a launcher like phone call, Windows Phone operating system terminates your application. Tombstoning is the procedure in which the operating system terminates an application’s process when the user navigates away from the application. The operating system maintains state information about the application. If the user navigates back to the application, the operating system restarts the application process and passes the state data back to the application. This lab explains in great detail what tombstoning is, how it works, and what you should be handling in your application

The other 5 got refreshed:

Using Push Notifications
Hello Phone
Building Your First Windows Phone Application
Windows Phone Navigation and Controls
Game Development with XNA Framework