Windows Phone Live companion site announced for Windows Phone 7 – replacement for Microsoft My Phone?

Windows Live MobileToday on the Windows Phone blog, Aaron Woodman, Director of the Mobile Communications Business division, made an announcement of a new companion service coming for Windows Phone 7 named Windows Phone Live. As the name suggests, this will be a Windows Live service, and it will allow users to connect their Windows Phone 7 – when released in October this year – with the cloud. This is what Aaron described about this service:

A feature we’re discussing for the first time today is the new Windows Phone Live companion site that gives people a central place to:

  • See pictures they’ve published
  • View their Windows Live calendar and contacts
  • Exchange OneNote files
  • Access other information shared between the phone and the Web

The site will offer 25GB of SkyDrive storage and host the Find My Phone service, which allows people to find and manage a missing phone with map, ring, lock and erase capabilities right from your PC – and all for free.

The description above sounds very much like the existing offering – Microsoft My Phone. In fact, our friend Michael Gillett has already found the URL to this new service already, available at, and looking at URL after you sign in to this website, we’re quite certain that this service is in fact the next version of Microsoft My Phone. However, before you get your hands on a Windows Phone 7 and set up the phone with your Windows Live ID, you won’t be able to do anything on the site. Here’s a screenshot of the website as it is before it redirects you to Notice that the website fully utilizes the new Windows Live Wave 4 header:

Windows Phone Live Companion

Looks like Microsoft has finally listened to many of our readers’ feedbacks and integrated the My Phone service with the rest of Windows Live. If you’ve used the My Phone service previously, you would’ve noticed that it was a completely separate set of services from the Windows Live counterparts, with a separate storage space, contact list, and calendar exclusive to Windows phone only. With this new Windows Phone Live service, it certainly sounds like it will be integrated with Windows Live SkyDrive (and Photos), Contacts, and Calendar, allowing you to seamlessly access your cloud data on your phone, and vice versa. It will be one single storage space, one unified contact list, and one calendar across both your PC, the Web, and your Windows Phone. This is quite an exciting news! We wonder if features from the now-discontinued KIN Studio will be integrated into this service too?

In the mean time, we’ll try to find out more about this new service, and will update you as soon as we find something new. So stay tuned!