Live Mesh starts to say goodbye

As we well know, Live Mesh is being replaced in Windows Live 2011 (Wave 4), by Live Sync.  We’ve been following Live Mesh, which was developed by a team headed by Ray Ozzie since well before it went public, and been using it since day one, so it’s a little touching to see it go.  Recently the Live Mesh home page at was updated, a graphic representation that Live Mesh won’t be around much longer:


So what will happen to Live Mesh, if you’ve been on the beta?  Well it will eventually go away, but as we reported, Jeremy Mazner from Live Mesh responded to questions on a Live Sync post on Inside Windows Live:

  • Live Mesh users will have at least 6 months after the beta ends and Live Sync is released to move content from Live Mesh to Live Sync (or where ever). 
  • Installing Wave 4 will uninstall Live Mesh and install Live Sync, you can’t have both on the same machine.
  • No plans to add remote desktop for the Mac
  • Sharing between Live Mesh and Live Sync, or the old Live Sync and the new one, are not possible
  • You can’t move files from the Live Sync part of SkyDrive to the other part of SkyDrive “in this release”

(thanks for the tip, Herm RR – send your tips to tips *at* liveside *dot* net)