Bing Homepage Visual Search Gallery

On the Bing homepage you can take a look at the previous 7 days worth of homepage images by clicking the arrows. But what if you want to view images from further back?

Starting today, there is something for that too: the Bing homepage Visual Search gallery.

There are various filters. You can sort on Country, Regional groups, 8 Categories (Animal, Culture/work, Nature etc.), 24 Sub Categories (Amphibian, Beach, Bird etc.), 11 colors and 4 seasons. The gallery currently contains 234 Bing homepage images.

Found one you like and want more info or have a closer look? Easy, just click on the image you like and you’ll be taken to a details page where you can learn more about the subject in the photo and see related images. Don’t forget to click “ZOOM IN” for an even larger view!