Hotmail Wave 4 Conversation View: gone missing (updated: it’s back)

For those of you lucky enough to have Hotmail Wave 4, apparently one of the new features – Conversation View, has been at least temporarily disabled.  MVP Vasudev tweeted about it:

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‘Conversation View’ in the Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 Beta has been temporarily disabled. #WinLive

We’re able to confirm through our own Hotmail Wave 4 account (we were admitted on to a press “dogfood”, which has since been converted to a regular account, but still with Wave 4) that Conversation View is currently gone.  Instructions on Windows Live Help to enable Conversation Threading say to go to Customize your Mail>Conversation Settings, which simply isn’t there at the moment:


Update Whew, that didn’t take long Smile.  As you can see, Conversation settings is back in the list:conversationHotmail3

and as Guillaume B points out in the comments, you can get to Conversation View through the dropdown box just below the Search Box:


The “Conversation” setting wasn’t there when we checked earlier, either.

Perhaps coincidentally, Windows Live is also experiencing some issues this morning (PDT).  Windows Live Help has a message up:

There is currently an issue reported that may impact your ability to use our products and services. >

Windows Live SkyDrive is currently experiencing login issues. You may receive errors when attempting to  login to your SkyDrive account. You may also receive errors while publishing content with Windows Live Photo Gallery in an online album.

Hopefully these issues are just a few “to be expected” glitches in the system as Hotmail rolls out and the Wave 4 beta continues.  Are you having problems?  Let us know in the comments.