No official list of Windows Phone 7 device makers

We reported last Friday that there would be 5 hardware partners with Windows Phone 7 handsets ready at launch. Turns out later that day Microsoft “turned back” on what was said.

"Microsoft has not made an official announcement on device partners for Windows Phone 7 at general availability," a Microsoft spokeswoman said after Computerworld, amongst others, had reported that Microsoft had chosen Asus, LG, Samsung, Dell and HTC to manufacture WP7 phones. Maybe Microsoft just didn’t want to give a specific, official list. After all, HP announced that there would definitely be no HP Windows Phone 7 mobile phones and they were on the initial list too. So yea HP dropped out, and so could any of the other mobile phone manufacturers…..or can be given the boot by Microsoft? Pretty sure HTC applying Sense to its first Windows Phone 7 devices isn’t what they had in mind when they took firmer control of the core experience…

Only time will tell!