What you’re saying about #NewHotmailHere

As the blog post on Inside Windows Live said, the Hotmail rollout is really picking up steam!  Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to tweet #NewHotmailHere (or #NoHotmailYet) to @liveside.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ve been tweeting:

alpesh @liveside yes #newhotmail is here for my custom domain with admin.live.com :)

harsha_g11 @liveside It is worth the wait for #NewHotmailHere..Im loving it..Only thing i dont like is AD and Scroll bar in Navigation Pane

jjacob2k9 @liveside woohoo finally!! #NewHotmailHere

palemoonrises I got the new Hotmail Wave4! /Dance Dance @windowslive @liveside #NewHotmailHere

honzanoyes @liveside #NewHotmailHere – Czech Republic

sprychipper @liveside #NewHotmailHere looks good :)

mikeschechter @liveside #NewHotmailHere as of tonight. I have lots of immediate love for “sweep” :)

NoWorthWhile @liveside #NewHotmailHere in Belgium!

supersonic111 @liveside The new Hotmail Wave 4 (Dogfood) has reached England and is awesome!!! #NewHotmailHere

LorenzoA @liveside #NewHotmailhere now in NH. Both on WinXP & vista! Gmail & yahoo don’t measure up to @WindowsLive ! #Hotmail #Windowslive

maguay @liveside #newHotmailHere for 2 days now, and lovin’ it! :)

rajanoori Checkout the conversation view in #NewHotmailHere @Liveside Awesomest!

We’ve noticed that some of you have the new Hotmail in one browser or on one system but not another, or that it appears and then regresses – it may take a little while for the caching to “catch up”.  Also if you’re looking for Exchange Active-Sync, it isn’t part of this rollout, and will arrive separately after the Hotmail Wave 4 rollout is complete.

Thanks for tweeting!, and let us know what you think of the new Hotmail in the comments (and if you haven’t been upgraded – we still have at least one account to go – keep checking it shouldn’t be much longer!)