Safari, Street Slide, games, and more: the Bing roundup post

Bing continues to (dare we say it?) innovate, and while some of the improvements aren’t earth-shattering, and indeed some bits of news aren’t even included in Bing (yet), we wanted to make sure to note them here even in the midst of all the #NewHotmailHere excitement.

You may have seen this already, but it’s worth a look anyway: this week Microsoft Research released a video of a new research project building on the Bing Streetside technology, dubbed Street Slide:

(Microsoft Research Street Slide – 190k YouTube views as of this posting!)

If you remember way back in the first days of Virtual Earth 3D Maps and an attempt there to include embedded ads into the 3D maps, well the Street Slide approach seems to be a much more fluid, interesting, and useful way to include potential ads for businesses, now some 4 years later.  Of course Street Slide also includes some pretty cool technology, check it out!

A couple of recent blog posts on the Bing Search blog point out some more new stuff, available now: Bing Highlights for Safari, and New Games Come to Bing.  Another post points out Camera Scanning on the iPhone app, available since the Bing for iPhone app came out in late June.

Oh and one more thing about Bing Maps – our friend Chris Pendleton has published an article on the IEEE website – “The World According to Bing”, congrats Chris!