Have a WP7 App idea? Want to code an App?–Hook up with Mobile App Match

When Windows Phone 7 debuts this holiday season, it’s going to need a well stocked Marketplace.  Microsoft is well aware of that, and has been scrambling to stock the shelves in anticipation of those holiday users looking to fill their phones with apps. 

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft loosened the restrictions on employees so they could easily (and potentially profitably) create WP7 apps, and to whet their appetites, announced that every Microsoft employee would be getting a free Windows Phone.  At last week’s TechReady (an internal only Microsoft semi-annual product showcase), a Windows Phone 7 “Smackdown” session was packed, with over 1,100 attendees:

jeffa36 Got into the Windows Phone 7 smackdown at #tr11 and it’s absolute pandemonium!!..lines went for 2 hours! 2:17 PM Jul 29th

Microsoft has been reaching out to outside developers as well, with easy access to free tools, but last week it upped the ante by unveiling the Mobile App Match website:


The new site is attempting to allow people who have good ideas for apps to get them developed:

Mobile App Match is bringing the people who build Windows phone apps together with the people who seek them for personal use—to start conversations, exchange ideas, and see what develops.

Users can submit their ideas, developers can connect with them, and (hopefully) together they can create new WP7 apps.

Have an idea for a Windows Phone App?  Looking for a good project to get started coding on?  Head over to Mobile App Match, and have fun!