Even more on Bing Maps: Chris Pendleton “goes optometry” on us

We told you last night about the new Lavender look to Bing Maps, and the new Dynamic map type with clickable place names.  Today, as expected (we love how Bing keeps pushing out the blog posts!!!), Chris Pendleton goes a bit more in-depth on some of the reasons for the “sexy” new color schemes:

  • Cool colors visually recede allowing warmer overlays to come forward – An elegant backdrop for information delivery and helps content ‘pop’ on the map
  • Road color provides greatest differentiation scientifically from red, yellow, green traffic overlays. 
  • De-saturation on zoom allows more continuous transition to photographic material (Aerial, Birdseye, Streetside) and allows user to focus on street level detail better.
  • Designed to work in black and white and to be differentiated by those with the most common forms of color blindness
  • Crisp/easy to read font, larger font corresponds to larger roads
  • Lower cognitive load – Less  data / clearer details
  • Improved international coverage: Data updates deliver improved road and street detail across Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Asia.

Even though Long Zheng isn’t too impressed with the new look and feel (although a number of his commenters seem to disagree), we like the new maps, and especially like the opportunities for more cool stuff to come they bring about!