More on those “pretty” new Bing road maps–the Dynamic map type

Been playing around a bit with the new Bing Maps, which have turned a nice Lavender color, and since there isn’t a blog post on the Bing Maps blog (yet), it’s been a bit of hunt and peck but we’re noticing some new features.

First of all, a new map type has been added, labeled “Dynamic (beta)”.


At first glance this appears to be quite similar to the “Road” map type, and in many ways it is, with some important differences.  As you can tell by zooming in and out, the road names etc. behave slightly differently than the “Road” names do, these labels are vectors, which allows for a number of interesting manipulations.  The main one that you can see in the current Dynamic maps is that the place names are “clickable” – you can click on a place name (a city or park, etc. – you’ll see these names (sometimes) in gray, and they’ll change colors when you mouseover), and the map will zoom into that place.  Opens up a lot of interesting possibilities, which we can’t wait to hear lots more about!

Some of you already have mentioned that the colors seem “muted”, but there may be a very good reason for that, too – Windows Live Platform MVP and sometime LiveSide contributor John O’Brien explains:

The new map symbology is significantly cleaner, easier to read and more appropriate for us to rendering data over the top.

We often ran into issues where the vibrate orange roads were to dominant and if, for example, we wanted to draw the user’s attention to the route of a vehicle we had to make they visualisation louder. With the new style we can be more subtle, we can use colours that compliment the users site.

We’re going to have to wait for the experts to chime in with more details on this new map type, and the changes in appearances, but looks like we’re in for some exciting times ahead with Bing Maps!