Yahoo! organic search results powered by Bing “as early as late August”

searchallianceThe Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Alliance continues to progress, and in a post on the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog, it looks like the organic (non-paid) phase of the transition is just about complete.  From the blog post:

Yahoo! organic (non-paid) search results will be powered by Bing as early as late August. If organic search results are an important source of referrals to your website, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for this change. For more details, check out this earlier blog post.

The “earlier blog post” sets the transition of organic search results “in the August/September timeframe”, so things seem to be moving along smoothly, and Microsoft and Yahoo! seem to be on track to complete the transition by the holiday season.

As a refresher, here are some specifics of the deal from the Search Alliance website overview:

How Yahoo! and Microsoft will work together:

  • Search ad inventory from Yahoo!, Microsoft and their respective partners will be combined into a new unified search marketplace.
  • Microsoft will acquire an exclusive 10-year license to certain Yahoo! search technologies.
  • Microsoft will manage the technology platforms that deliver the algorithmic (powered by Bing) and paid (powered by adCenter) search results.
  • Full implementation of the terms of the Search Alliance is expected to occur within 24 months following regulatory clearance.

  • Yahoo!’s Sales team will exclusively support high volume advertisers, SEO and SEM agencies, and resellers and their clients, and Microsoft will support self-service advertisers. In addition, Microsoft adCenter will be the platform for all search campaigns.

How Yahoo! and Microsoft will compete:

  • The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance does not include each company’s display advertising, web properties and products, email, instant messaging, or any other aspect of the companies’ businesses.
  • Each company will maintain its own separate display advertising business and sales force.
  • Yahoo! and Microsoft will innovate their own consumer search experiences to compete for search users and search queries.
  • Yahoo! and Microsoft will service their respective publishers, also known as affiliate search partners.
  • Yahoo! will continue to syndicate its existing search affiliate partnerships.