Is Windows Live turning on Exchange ActiveSync? (updated)

Back in June, at the same time as the initial rollout of Hotmail (which ended up taking until last week), a number of you were able to access Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail.  Just as a refresher, here’s an explanation that we posted back on June 15, from a Hotmail fact sheet:

Hotmail supports push e‐mail on the Web, PC and now also on the mobile phone. Using Exchange ActiveSync, available on nearly 300 million phones, with the new Hotmail you can not only seamlessly synchronize e–‐mail between your phone and the Web, but also synchronize your calendar and contacts.

We quickly learned that the Exchange rollout was going to happen separately from Hotmail, and even though some of you gained access for a time, that access quickly disappeared, offering up an “incorrect password” notice instead.

Well now the Hotmail rollout is complete, and at least one Twitter follower, Kendo88, is reporting that they have their Exhange ActiveSync working again:

Kendo88 @liveside my activesync exchange has started working again today, no more incorrect password!

Another Twitter follower, NoWorthWhile, reports the same thing:

NoWorthWhile @liveside same here. Hotmail activesync fully working!

No Exchange account here to check it out, so we’ll leave it up to you to report back if you’re able to connect to Hotmail through Exchange ActiveSync.  Leave us a comment either way!

Update Thanks for the comments/tweets!  It looks like we may be at the beginning of another “rollout”.  Some of you now have access, but some don’t, and others are on a waiting list, apparently, getting “We are really glad that you’re interested, but we had so many sign-ups that we had to temporarily stop accepting new ones” (see the comments for the full message).