“Beta 2” version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 due next week?

A number of sites including Mary Jo Foley’s All About Microsoft, Neowin, and Francisco Martin’s Microsoft Journal are reporting their expectation of a new beta version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 (or Wave 4), due next week (according to Neowin, next Tuesday at 10am-ish PDT, to be more precise).

Martin, who apparently uses a translator to post to his English Spaces site, seems to have quite the pipeline to insider information (he has been uncannily accurate so far, predicting the release of the Essentials beta and much of the road map), has some details:

This new version of the suite, incorporates new icons, new features, many bugs fixed since version Beta releases and what more important… The incorporation Windows Live Language Setting with all language packs (MUI) & (LIP) for example Catalan and Euskera for Spanish version.
This program brings new features like the ability to change languages or install (automatically for the web) the additional languages.

Microsoft hasn’t publically commented on the reports, but we’ll know by the first part of next week what all the fuss is about, hopefully.  Stay tuned!