Hotmail issues: bug fix coming

Problems for a subset of users continue to be a hot topic on the Hotmail forums at Windows Live Solution Center, and today a moderator representing Microsoft, Roopa S, posted some new information:

Update as of 08/11:

A hotfix is going out this week (should be complete by end of this week) which should resolve the problems customers are seeing with high contrast display mode (the workaround is to turn it off). Also this hotfix should resolve the Hotmail performance degradation that we saw when customers are running Messenger on the web (the workaround is to sign out of web messenger).

For some customers who are using a mobile broadband connection on their computer and experiencing errors when accessing their Hotmail. We have found the issue and are working on getting the fix created and rolled out soon.

The high contrast display mode issue is outlined here.

As we posted earlier, some people are having problems accessing Hotmail due to their use of earlier versions of some browsers, and Microsoft has a list of supported browsers:

• Internet Explorer 6.0+ on Windows
• Internet Explorer 6.x
• Internet Explorer 7.x
• Internet Explorer 8.x (Standards mode)
• Firefox 3.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
• Safari 4.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
• Chrome on Windows – latest major version

However there do also seem to be further issues, and a rumored revision to Hotmail coming next week may or may not resolve those.  In the meantime, as reported by the Register, and although the Microsoft and Windows Live moderators had been careful to stick to the script, they’ve about given up and are just suggesting that frustrated users try Google Chrome: