New features for the Bing Webmaster Tools

As a direct response to feedback received since last month’s launch, the Bing Webmaster Tools gained some new features.

Data Export Capability
You can now download and export data from Bing Webmaster Tools about your registered sites. You can export up to six months of data in the form of a downloadable, comma-delimited CSV file.

Crawl Settings
They’ve added a “Crawl Setting” page for more control over how Bing crawls your sites. The first setting made available there is "Add Query String Parameters." Site owners can now add query string parameters that can be ignored when indexing their sites so duplicate content in the Bing index can be avoided.

The team has many more additional features planned for the coming months, but will adjust those plans based on your input and feedback. Feedback can be given by leaving blog comments or via the Bing Webmaster Tools & Feature Requests forum.