Windows Live Essentials Beta Refresh day one recap

What a fun day!  This morning at about 7:30 am Pacific Daylight Time, ace LiveSide contributor damaster found that the download link he had been tipped to earlier was now working, and he worked feverishly to post at the same time as downloading and installing the new bits (he was as anxious to get his hands on the new bits as all of you, of course!). 

buildhelpThings got a little hectic when somehow even though the link went live it didn’t immediately have the latest bits, sorry if this got a bit confusing (but hey that’s what we all love about chasing down the latest up to the minute bits, it’s part of the fun!).  You might want to check your build numbers, this is what you should have:

Movie Maker – 15.4.3002.0810
Messenger – 15.4.3002.0810
Mail – 15.4.3002.0810
Photo Gallery -15.4.3002.0810
Sync – 15.4.3001.0809
Family Safety – 15.4.3001.0809
Writer – 15.4.3001.0809

Of course we compounded the confusion a bit when the 11am PDT embargo lifted and we posted our “official” beta refresh post, complete with the wrong link, one that pointed to the Wave 3 final and not Wave 4 beta bits.  Afraid we just copy/pasted what we were given from Microsoft, but we should have checked, and again apologies for the confusion.  Luckily longtime LiveSide friend Kristopher pointed it out and we got it fixed even before the email apologizing for the wrong link and “please fix”.

But then you guys were great all day long!  Currently we’re at about 150 comments on the two posts, most of them sorting through the issues on how to get the new bits installed, the intricacies of getting Facebook Chat to work, and some general first impressions.  All great stuff, and we really, really appreciate it.

While real life reared its ugly head again and we weren’t able to install the bits here til this evening, we’re gathering our first impressions too (FB Chat rocks!), and of course we’ll have lots more coming soon.  In the meantime, let us know what you think of the Beta Refresh in the comments, and thanks again!