Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training

Of course the big news this week was the WL 2011 beta refresh, which, unfortunately, I didn’t get to install until yesterday because of hardware problems (had to install new GPU). But there was more news. News we overlooked was the release of the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training sessions.

MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley led a live training course about a month ago, which got received so incredibly well it was decided that this training had to be published. So here it is, now all developers can follow that training in their own pace. There are 12 video sessions* in total, each about 50 minutes in length:

Course material is available here. These sessions will not be localized as the content is based on Beta Windows Phone Developer Tools. Once the final developer tools have been released, localized training will be provided.

*Sessions are also available via Zune subscription and iTunes subscription