Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail – “just a few more days” away?

If you were lucky (or if you were reading LiveSide), and got your name into Exchange ActiveSync early, you’re probably enjoying the benefits of it now.  Even if you didn’t get in on that early “wave”, some of you are reporting that your EAS capabilities have been turned on.

For the rest of us, we’ve been waiting, but it looks like the wait may be over soon.  A commenter by the name of “Timesaver” posted this on our “First Look at ActiveSync” post:

Hey Guys, yes as of now only those people who tried earlier are given access because we wanted to test a few things. Currently we have stopped all new signups. If you try to connect you will get a mail delivered that says you need to wait. Your phone will keep asking for password because we send Auth denied. BUT..don’t, we are almost ready and almost there. Just a few more days :) Stay tuned.

Now since Timesaver doesn’t identify him/herself, we have to take this info with a grain of salt, but judging by the fact that it’s working for some of you, it can’t be long now. And at least it sounds like Timesaver knows what they’re talking about.

As of right now we can confirm that we’re getting the “auth denied” message, but hopefully before too many more days we’ll all be able to set up our Hotmail accounts on mobile using Exchange ActiveSync!