Final release of Windows Phone Developer Tools on September 16

In our article about Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training we already mentioned that there won’t be any localized training provided until the final release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools. At that time we didn’t have a release date for the tools, now we do! The final Windows Phone Developer tools will be released on September 16th. This comes from an article by Brandon Watson on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

He also tells that the beta version of these tools have been downloaded over 300,000 times. Wow, that’s a lot! Should give a fair amount of app submissions when the marketplace opens early October.

The Sept 16 release of the Windows Phone Developer tools will likely have some minor breaking changes from the Beta tools, so developers may have to fix some bugs that arise. It also brings new things to the table, such as the panorama, pivot and Bing maps controls.

What to do in the meantime, and more, can be read in Brandon’s article.