Office Web Apps updated: Print from Word Web App; Excel Charts and AutoFill; more

Windows Live Essentials isn’t the only suite to be updated recently, a blog post on the Office Web Apps blog (and featured on Inside Windows Live) points out a number of new features for Office Web Apps.  Like Essentials, these new updates came about in part in response to user feedback:

We love to get input from the people who use Office Web Apps. That feedback helps us decide what features we offer next and when we make those features available. The latest updates to Office Web Apps add some much requested functionality to Word Web App, Excel Web App and PowerPoint Web App.

One good example is Word Printing: while the ability to print from the Word Web App viewer was already available, users wanted to see a “Print” command in the Word Web App editor, and now they have one:


Excel has add a couple of new features, with the ability to insert and modify charts:


…and use AutoFill (drag the black box in the lower right corner of a selection to auto fill).

PowerPoint added clip art, and more themes.  You can read more on the Office Web Apps blog post.