Yahoo! organic search in US, Canada now “Powered by Bing”

The Microsoft-Yahoo! search alliance continues to move forward on schedule, and today Microsoft Senior Vice President Satya Nadella announced “a great milestone for Bing and Yahoo!”, as all (organic, meaning non-paid) searches on Yahoo!, in the US and Canada, in English, are now powered by Bing:


According to Nadella, the other languages will be coming online “in the weeks and months ahead”, and the migration to adCenter, which will power search result advertising for the alliance, is on track for completion later this fall:

So what’s next?  We continue to work hard on the migration to adCenter, and are optimistic about completing this phase later this fall.  As we have said all along, our primary goal is to provide advertisers with a quality transition experience in 2010, while being mindful of the holiday season.

And it looks like someone has been reading Paid Content, too, as the 8 point “Powered by Bing” tagline is now quite a bit larger!

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