Update adds tags support, search, sort and filter, and new Social Doc Templates

Back in April, Microsoft FUSE Labs released, a service which ties in Facebook with Office Web Apps to let you share documents with your friends on the social network. It seems like the guys over at FUSE Labs had recently updated, adding new features which makes document much more social and discoverable. Here’s what was updated in the recent release:

Tags: Organising and Discovering documents


You can now add tags to your documents on with any keyword you like, so when you want to come back later and search for your documents, you can easily do that by using the new search and filter functions (see below).

Search: People, Pages, Tags


The new and improved search box on the top of every page will now feature a scroll-wheel search function, and type in any keyword and you will instantly get results based on documents authored by a specific Facebook friend, Facebook pages, or based on a specific tag added earlier on.

Filtering and Sorting

Filtering and Sorting

When viewing your own docs, or even your friend’s docs, the new sort and filter functionalities will let you find documents faster then ever. You can sort by title, date and document type, and filter using the tags you’ve added or by document types.

Social Doc Templates

Social Doc Templates

You may have noticed in the previous screenshot of three documents with a special icon. Well these documents are created using the new Social Doc Templates. What it does is that it pulls information from your Facebook profile and displays them in a useful way that you might actually use. For example, will pull your personal information on Facebook such as education and work history, and automatically populate the relevant sections in the “Resume” template for you. “Friends Chart” analyses your social graph based on your Facebook friend’s gender, age, current location and hometown and puts them into nice looking Excel graphs for you to analyse. “Photo Slideshow” will pull photos from your Facebook albums and create a nice-looking PowerPoint slideshow for you, as shown below:

Photo Slideshow

Just like other documents, you can choose who you want to share these documents with (or not share at all), or whether or not to post it on your Facebook wall. Of course, how useful it is depends on how accurate your (and your friend’s) Facebook data are. As I was playing with the “Friends Chart” template, it was interesting to find out that I have 3 Facebook friends who are over 80 years old (mind you, I don’t). But they’re worth a try, and we certainly hope the people at FUSE Labs could create more scenarios where this may prove to be useful.

Thanks to Picturepan2 from for the heads up!