Messenger Connect discontinues .Net Library

An email sent to beta testers and posted on the Messenger Connect forums announced today that Microsoft is discontinuing the Messenger Connect strongly typed .Net Library, instead offering samples of code which work directly with Messenger Connect web services, using REST and OData.  Here’s the email:

An important note to those of you who have started exploring or are actively working with the CTP of our .NET library for Messenger Connect (Microsoft.Live.dll).
Based on feedback from our early adopters, we are discontinuing the strongly typed Messenger Connect .NET library in favor of providing developers with .NET samples which work directly with our RESTful, OData-compliant web services.
This .NET library (used for Windows apps, Silverlight apps, and ASP.NET apps) was released as a community technology preview as it took dependencies on other pre-release .NET components.
We know that this change will be an inconvenience to some early adopters and would love to hear about what parts of the .NET library you or your customers have used the most so that we can prioritize the samples we create going forward – let us know at
The Messenger Connect team

Messenger Connect, of which the Activity Streams we wrote about this weekend are a part, is in beta now.  You can apply for access on MSDN.