Windows Phone 7 available in Canada same time as US:

wmpoweruserlogoWMPowerUser is doing a great job of covering the latest Windows Phone 7 news (we’ve got them in our Windows Phone Blogs We Like section, and hey they even have their own WP7 app!), and today they have some good news for our Canadian friends: when Windows Phone 7 launches in the US (last we heard is November timeframe for US, October for Europe), it will launch in Canada, too:

..the Canadian launch will be simultaneous with the US phones, with a line up by LG, HTC and Samsung, available on multiple carriers

Regarding the cost of the phones, as expected they are competitive with other smartphones price-wise, with the phones ranging from $99 to $199 Canadian on the standard 3 year contract there

In the post WMPowerUser features a video interview from with Microsoft Canada Mobility Solutions Manager Greg Milligan, who also talks about Xbox Live subscriptions and the Windows Phone 7, which is topical as Microsoft announced today that the price for an Xbox Live “Gold” subscription will be going up on November 1st (current subscribers can re-up at the old price if they do it before November):


Can’t wait for the new Windows Phone 7!